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When X-Men: Apocalypse was announced in late 2013, obviously the fans reacted enthusiastically. There was still half a year for the premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past, but the fact of knowing that the next installment would revolve around the original mutant, one of the most powerful villains of the Marvel universe, was enough to wait 2016 forward . Time passed, Apocalypse came to cinemas and unfortunately turned "watch X-Men: Apocalypse online" out to be one of the worst entries in the mutant saga. Somehow he saw it coming, because between soulless advances and images showing a derisory aspect Revelation of all that could be expected was a product of questionable quality.

What the hell happened to Fox and Bryan Singer? Why they gave a product of very poor quality at a later era to First Class and Days of Future Past? Why tear and ridiculing screen so vilely in Revelation? I left disappointed function and immediately I thought of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult the position that would keep this new X-Men in a ranking of the nine (considering Deadpool) movies. Is meaner than Origins: Wolverine and The Last Stand, Visits excellence as the worst in the franchise? Someone asked me and I said no, that Apocalypse was at least slightly better. But in later days, even uncomfortable disappointment and wasting time on useless thoughts, I thought that maybe, maybe The Last Stand was not as bad as I remembered. oubt, without meaning to, obeyed situation, because just today The Last Stand turns 10 years released.

Of course I revisité to prepare this text and, as I suspected, I found a poor film. Yes, abysmally lower than the two that preceded it, but with greater purpose and achieved better than Apocalypse. Let's see why. X-Men, the original 2000 was a sort of test. In the 90 they were released several films based on comics and superheroes, but none wore a modern vision to till paths to follow. Singer tape, although issues a noventera essence from the start, had the wisdom to propose social discourse, something that would have to provide life beyond its commercial run. It not for nothing is considered the film that launched the modern superhero film.

The first tape is not merely proposed fregazados between good and evil mutants, and made clear that it was the day of being rejected by society and persecuted by an intolerant political system, they divided themselves into two camps for having viewpoints . The second film delved into the subject of persecution, soaked with certain fascist overtones, and stressed that the union between rejected is necessary to achieve a common good. The Last Stand, within his narrative skill, proposed the next logical step, a conclusion should be reached naturally in a series of arches that dealt with personal dilemmas, identification and acceptance: the cure to the mutant gene.

And the film really cares about exposing their players and the positions they take to the "solution" to an evolutionary quality that many consider disease. Evolution of characters The cure tape provided the foundation to continue building its protagonists. We see a Magneto blinded by intolerance towards anyone who is not a mutant, yet in the case of cured Mystique, who leaves without considering how much she was at his side to support him. Rogue closes in a perfect circle convictions showed from the first tape. She does not need to meditate on his mutation, never accepted it, not the wants and accepts the way to get rid of that which compares with a curse.

Of course not all the characters were subjected to propositional constructions. Charles Xavier unaccountably is, for lack of a better term, a douchebag whose hobbies include sobajar Wolverine and send two of its mutants to the slaughter, without warning of the great danger that awaits them. Scott Summers appears at most five minutes on screen, they say, as punishment studio actor James Marsden to accept a role in Superman Returns. Jean Grey and the Phoenix at times are central points of the argument and others only serve as decoration for the central conflict, an aspect that reflects the lack of cohesion with which the writers worked.

The Last Stand is the sum of ideas that never found strength, but this did not prevent him look memorable moments (the death of Xavier and cure of Mystique were completely unexpected) that to this day remain stuck in the heads of fandom and a conclusive logical arc. He had glaring faults, as the final showdown -insípido but was intended remarkably and everything, absolutely everything involving the Juggernaut Vinnie Jones ( "I'm the Juggernaut, bitchX-Men: Apocalypse"), Which have well earned their place weak entry in the franchise. But it premiered a decade worth revisit worth more in this post-relaunch started with First Class era.

The Last Stand was a failed but purposeful conclusion, First Class a prequel which is then taken as the basis of a new shaft and Days of Future Past General reset that erased the mistakes of the past, all of them tapes motivations and real objectives within the mythos . Apocalypse is a scarecrow without head or tail that adds nothing to the mutant saga and is third part of a trilogy whose two predecessors are brilliant works. As the disappointing final part of a trilogy, The Last Stand keeps a tape similar to the 2016 position, but is never so chaotic and lacking in contributions. Give him another chance and see that internet exaggerates the facts. Does anything to rantear so it and gain followers on the road.


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